Forensic Engineers Houston

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 Forensic Engineers Houston. Our Structural Engineers licensed in Houston, Dallas, Texas & Louisiana primarily specializes in structural engineering, forensic engineering, structural engineering assessments , building damage inspections and reports, hurricane damage inspections and reports, roof damage assessments, roof wind damage, threshold inspections, Infrared Inspections, structural defects assessments & inspections, buildings structural collapse inspections & assessments, Thermal imaging, roof hail damage inspections, roof wind damage inspections.


EMA is a firm of structural engineers, Forensic engineers Houston providing engineering services in Houston, Beaumont, Corpus Christi, Dallas, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Tampa Orlando Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, & New York. Our Structural Forensic Engineering practice specializes in structural engineering, forensic engineering, Damage inspections and assessments, roof damage inspections, wind damage inspections, cause & origin investigation,building failure, roof moisture survey and inspections, storm damage & hail damage inspections, hurricane damage inspections,Concrete x ray, Concrete GPR, concrete imaging for rebar & PT cables, threshold inspections, construction inspections.