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flood damage inspections by EMA engineers

Post Storm Flood damage inspections Quick

Post Storm Flood damage Inspections Quick West Florida are performed by EMA licensed Professional Engineers. In case of natural disasters including hurricane damage & water damage, a quick and coordinated recovery is key. Not only is the safety and well-being of our loved ones at stake but the welfare of society depends critically on the resilience of its business community to natural disasters.

We have engineers & inspectors experienced in investigating and flood damage inspections Lafayette. We at EMA are prepared to mobilize our staff of engineers, certified inspectors, and technicians to aid in the recovery process. To assist in coordinated long term recovery, our structural & forensic engineers offer the following areas of expertise:

Post Storm Flood damage inspections for residential & commercial Buildings North Port

Structural damage assessment

Forensic Engineering inspections North Port

Foundation collapse analysis

Roof damage reports

Wind damage reports

Flood Damage Inspections North Port for WOOD FRAME STRUCTURE

* Fence support broken at the ground or blown over
* Landscape damage, largest size broken limb, trunk to check against F scale
* Roof blown off or displaced (check wall-roof connection; sometimes it is not evident)
* Broken windows — will indicate wind forces entering the building
* Brick blown off walls or in place
* Chimney and roof vent condition. May cause carbon monoxide poisoning if used in damaged condition
* Above-ground utility services — connected or off

Do you have water damage in your Fort Myers or North Fort Myers home or business? If so, time is of the essence! FP Property Restoration’s team will be on-site in 30 minutes or less to clean up your water damage. We are proud to be Fort Myers’ leading water damage restoration company. When we arrive on the scene, we immediately stop any ongoing water damage that is occurring and begin removing standing water.

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Ready to Handle Any Water Damage Emergency

Our emergency flood damage inspections engineers are licensed engineers and trained and water damage specialists. These water damage specialists are on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.