Structural Forensic Engineers 40 year structural certification in Broward, Palm Beach, Daytona, Tampa, Clearwater, and provide forensic engineering inspections, hurricane damage inspections, roof wind damage inspections, flood damage, building damage residential & commercial in Florida, Louisiana & Texas

EMA Professional Engineers Florida

EMA Professional Engineers Florida

EMA Professional Engineers Florida strives to provide effective, creative and compliant services and solutions for its clients.

Once we take on a project, we will complete that project based on our understanding of the scope of work. We observe and comply with all code requirements. We value people and human life first. This mindset coupled with the execution of proven processes results in superior product and service offerings.

When we work with contractors, inventors or manufacturers we ask them how they would like to solve the problem based on their means and methods and understanding of the problem. You tell us your ideas and we tell you how we can make it happen. The customer then provides EMA professional engineers Florida with schematic drawings or sketches so that we can proceed in a manner that is consistent with their ability to construct the building or improve their device or product in Tampa, Orlando & Daytona

When we initiate a project we set realistic expectations for our clients on deliverables. It is imperative that we do exactly what we tell our clients we will do. This is accomplished through clear and ongoing communication. It also very important to be upfront and honest with our clients when an idea needs improved upon or changed in order to improve the final product.

Our highly professional in-house Project Coordinators and Sales Staff strive to provide the best customer service experience by answering every phone call and providing accurate information, feedback and direction to help you accomplish your project goals.

We get calls from customers every day who just want a “stamp”. We turn that work away because being a licensed engineer means more than just having the skill and authority to approve projects. It requires the integrity to protect life and safety first. This company wide conviction and belief system has allowed EMA Professional engineers Florida to create a national reputation for providing the highest quality services.

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commercial engineering EMA

Commercial Engineering

Commercial engineering is one of the essential professions in the world. It is also one of the hardest to understand for the average person. Few realize it, but without engineers, our modern society would not be possible. Buildings, bridges, roads, public transit infrastructure, and other day-to-day essential elements of contemporary life could not exist without today’s complex commercial engineering. Engineering professionals make sure all constructed properties are built safely, do not collapse, do not catch fire, do not flood, and are designed to stand for many lifetimes. Without the engineering profession, properties of all sizes, large and small, could not effectively exist for a sustained period of time. Ever wonder how a new large building is built amongst other large neighboring buildings and somehow seamlessly exists without causing issues with wind, flooding, foundations, or other elements? How is a new skyscraper built in the middle of several other towers amongst a city? The answer is engineering.

Engineering is complicated, meticulous, and detailed. There is a reason years of extensive education arecommercial engineering needed to be able to perform engineering work. The profession is demanding, and there is no room for errors. The average person cannot just step in and “become” an engineer. It takes years of education and training. If the average person attempted to work on a modern engineering project, you would see buildings collapse, fires, and other catastrophes. There is a reason you rarely see these events in the United States but often see them in under-developed countries. In these countries, the codes and compliance standards to construct a building are not what they are in our in the United States. Many builders, developers, and property owners complain about the substantial work, cost, and time required to meet modern code standards. However, these sophisticated engineering regulations allow any new construction developments to be safe new projects for both the builder, developers, occupants, and the surrounding citizens – ensuring these properties will be in place for an extended period. The practice of sophisticated engineering is our bread and butter. They are our strengths and the real value we add to our client’s processes.

In Florida, engineering is as essential as literally any profession in the state. The state we call home has many beautiful beaches, beautiful weather, and an inviting atmosphere. It also has its fair share of challenges with unstable below-ground elements, hurricane threats, and other nightmare challenges for any building structure. Florida Engineering Solutions has extensive experience in navigating these unique challenges. We have worked hard to become a trusted resource throughout the southeast for companies looking for a strong track record of premier engineering in difficult geographical areas. Below are some of the areas that Florida Engineering Solutions excels at EMA Forensic Associates:

Commercial Engineering Building Construction

Amongst the riskiest ventures in engineering is commercial building construction. Building a skyscraper can be a terrifying endeavor for a novice. In some cases, so can the supposed simple construction of a small commercial building or a home. Regardless of property size, there is liability involved along with market reputation. How do you safely build a massive structure? The right qualified professionals ensure safety. The stakes for engineering projects are too large to risk the work to inexperienced or unknown firms. Large developments take years to process, set up, and become approved – much less the lengthy timeline of construction once it begins and the massive expense required to make it all happen. Many of these expenses occur before a shovel even touches the ground. You must be sure you know what you are doing and have the right team to execute a project that will create the proper end product at a reasonable cost. Overall, the risk is immense from start to finish throughout a project. After a project is completed, the risk does not stop. The building will need to face a massive variety of natural stressors.

Whether you are building a restaurant, an office building, a hotel, or another development – if the property is not completed on time or on budget, people can lose millions before the final property starts producing income. With so much at stake, you need the right team, and we have it. We have a long track record of this work, and our work speaks for itself, along with our reputation. Hire us, we will get the job done, on time, on budget, and as envisioned.

Noise Barriers

Construction projects are loud and noisy. Unfortunately, most projects of significance and worth tend to have neighbors. You want to have a friendly experience with your neighbors, but that can be difficult to do when building a project of any size. Regardless of building a skyscraper or a small home, construction involves trucks, hammering, welding, jackhammering, and other loud construction elements. Our engineering team knows how to keep this sound away from the neighbors to avoid possible conflicts. Our detailed tactics allow us to provide both materials and guidance for construction laydowns/setups to absorb sound and deflect it in certain specific directions to avoid creating issues for your neighbors and your other tenants. Noise barriers will keep your relationships strong while providing the most peaceful construction atmosphere possible.

Precast Concrete

Today’s modern construction often uses elements built prior to their placement on site. Instead of building properties “brick by brick,” properties are usually partially constructed in different areas then the pieces of the puzzle are placed together to form the building. Sometimes these pieces are built in factories and assembled on-site in fewer components than a lego set. This modern construction technique shows itself in various types of construction, from modular elements to specific smaller pieces, such as precast concrete. Precast concrete can be challenging to create and put together, but it can provide cost savings and an effective, affordable long-term material solution. This type of construction has become popular for those reasons and is a technique that we regularly employ.

Prestressed Concrete

Every material has a weakness, even concrete. With so much time and money at risk, no project can afford to have any risk or weakness that is not accounted for. Talk to any concrete professional, and they will tell you it is all but guaranteed to crack. While concrete is generally a strong material, its strength evaporates quickly if it is broken apart into pieces. Cracks feed on cracks, creating more cracks, and before you know it, the issue has extended far beyond the initial damage. This is where prestressed concrete comes in. A detailed process is used to “prestress” the material, resulting in a material with high strength concrete characteristics. This process strengthens concrete pieces, so it is more robust against outside forces that will exist on-site and in its final function within the larger property. These processes are complicated but integral for optimal material performance. Effectively prestressing concrete is essential. However, it needs to fall into the right place within a larger puzzle, or it will be ineffective. Prestressed concrete is only as strong as the project’s design and layout, where the prestressed concrete will be used. We have extensive experience designing and implementing these materials to create the most effective material possible for your construction design.

Radiation Shielding

Many commercial engineering projects in today’s world involve construction components the typical person never thinks of or even knows exists. Medical facilities have unique requirements that other projects do not face. These requirements open them up to increased risk and liability. Medical companies and employees are constantly at risk for lawsuits and safety concerns. Whether the legal threats are frivolous or legitimate, the threats are real and apparent. Our team provides solutions to protect against them.

One of the necessary techniques that hospitals use to help protect both staff and patients is radiation shielding. X-ray shielding and lead shielding design have become critical factors to improve the safety of medical facilities. Correctly engineered radiation shielding serves the secondary goal of liability protection. We have extensive experience in creating and implementing radiation shielding. You will be in the right hands to ensure your facility and its protective measures function at peak capabilities.

3D Renderings & Drawings

Explaining your project vision to others poses a real challenge. How do you look at a vacant building shell or an empty lot and see a final product and articulate that thought and vision to different audiences with the same message? The answer is modern technology. Our in-house resources provide drawing and rendering vision products that will allow you to see the finished project and plan for every little detail before construction starts – from building façade to a small outlet’s location. We can design it all and show you in photos and videos how your project will look. After all, a picture says a thousand words, and we have plenty of visual options to provide you.

Now that you have a little more insight on commercial engineers and what we can do here at Florida Engineering Solutions, let’s converse on your needs for your future endeavors and projects.

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Forensic engineers houston,

Forensic Engineers Clearwater

forensic engineers clearwater

Forensic Engineers Clearwater

EMA has Structural engineers & Forensic engineers clearwater provide the highest quality of forensic engineering and expert witness services available. Our services include damage inspections, flood damage assessment to residential homes, commercial buildings, industrial warehouses, structural damage assessment, roof damage inspections, fire damage inspections, building structural assessments, structural foundation collapse, and assessment. We have provided building damage inspections and structural damage inspection after hurricane Katrina, Rita, Andrew, and many others and have been very experienced in determining and origin of the damages in the building at very competitive fees.

Our engineers in clearwater, Tallahassee flood damage inspections, building damage inspections, roof damage inspections, hail damage, wind damage, foundation damage, residential damage inspections, commercial building damage inspections, cause and origin, buildings defects, construction defects, investigations, site investigation, testing, technical research, and analysis of the information to provide our clients with an independent opinion on the cause of failure.

Our team of experienced professionals offer the following areas of expertise:

Forensic Engineers for Building Defects

Flood Damage Inspections performed by forensic Engineers Clearwater


Forensic Damage Inspections by Professional Engineers

Roof damage inspections

storm damage inspections

hail damage inspections, wind damage inspections,

foundation damage inspection to residential and commercial buildings
– Forensic Collapse & Insurance Claims and Reports
– Structural Condition Assessments
– Discovery Assistance
– Second Opinion Structural & Forensic Inspections for Dispute Resolution
– Expert Witness & Testimonial

Clients Served by Engineers Clearwater

We provide structural damage assessment reports to insurance, as well as adjuster clients for building failures, natural disasters and failures due to under design. We also provide estimates for repairs based on original values and ASV. Whether the collapse is due to a design fault, natural disasters, deficient structural design, or over-stressing. we can provide you good enough reports that can tell u the real problem.

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Commercial engineering, EMA structural engineers, forensic engineers houston

Miami Structural Engineers, Forensic Engineers

miami structural engineers

Structural Engineers Miami

Roof Inspections Houston, Galveston, Corpus Christi.

Fort Lauderdale Roof Inspections

fort lauderdale roof inspections

Fort Lauderdale Roof Inspections are recognized by the roofing industry as a vital component of successful protective covering & Construction Management. Many vital areas of installation are not visible for inspection upon completion and many times are already covered over before periodic roof inspections can be made by engineers and inspectors.

Miami roof inspections are Full-time Inspections done by licensed engineers in Fort Lauderdale and roof inspections in Miami & Quality Control inspections provide a set of ‘eyes’ during all phases of the installation. Critical areas such as fastening patterns of underlying insulation, mopping techniques, or glue application, and drying times can be monitored for compliance with the contract documents and manufacturer’s standards when doing roof inspections in coastal areas including Miami, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Clearwater and Jacksonville as well as inTexas including Houston, Austin, and surrounding areas.

Fort Lauderdale Roof Inspections 

Our Fort Lauderdale inspection engineers have extensive experience to observe all phases of a roof installation to ensure materials are in compliance with project documents. Prior to the start of work, our inspectors are provided specifications, drawings, shop drawings, and submittal. The inspector’s attendance at the Pre-Job Conference to provide inspections corpus Christi with respective contractual parties allows a thorough understanding of the system installation, set-up areas, and anticipated internal disruptions. The inspector generates daily Structural Fort Lauderdale Inspections which delineates material and installation compliance, and documents any unforeseen contingent items to the contract. Non-compliance issues are immediately addressed with the roofing contractor, design professional or building owner to ensure proper installation of the specified roofing assembly. We provide inspections in Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Miami, New Orleans, Corpus Christi, Houston, Austin, Beaumont, and Lake Charles.

Rooftop Units and Penetrations during Fort Lauderdale roof inspections.

Rooftop penetrations can include any vents, hatches, stacks, skylights, and HVAC equipment penetrations on your roof. Again, you will need to determine the specific order of which penetrations you will inspect first, or your path across the rooftop.

While inspecting these, ensure that any condensation from HVAC units is moving to drains properly. Check all rain caps on stacks to ensure they still keep the weather out of the stacks. You should check all seams in roof units to ensure they are watertight, and then check the area surrounding rooftop penetrations to make sure there hasn’t been any damage to the roof surface during installation or repairs.

Surface Area of the Roof

This is the simplest part of the roof inspection but is still extremely important in preserving the life of the roof. As you are walking the roof, you will be in a constant state of inspecting the surface area or field of the roof. Check for any physical damage from tools, heavy objects, hail, vandalism, or excessive foot traffic. Our engineers will be able to easily identify these damages in the roof surface because you are walking right over the top of them. If your roof is sprayed with polyurethane foam or has a coating on it, check for blisters or separation between the roof layers while you walk.

Flashings, Edges, Terminations, and Expansion and Control Joints

Our engineers walk around the edge of your roofing system, check for any cracks or split at roof terminations and edges. This is often a highly vulnerable part and problems are likely to be found here. If you have expansion joints or metal flashing, be sure to examine those and determine whether or not they are performing as expecting. Any masonry walls should be inspected to identify areas of moisture penetration or wall deterioration if any.

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Roof Engineers New Orleans

Roof Engineers New Orleans & Houston

Roof engineers New Orleans can inspect and perform roof inspections on any roof system including concrete roofs, steel roofs, gravel and shingled roofs. After hurricanes, or natural disasters including lightening strikes the roof may get damaged. That is where we send our professional engineers and inspectors to do a thorough inspections of roofing and intent of damages for insurance claim purpose and repairs.Our New Orleans roof engineers perform various structural roofing inspections including initial tig-tag , in progress and final inspections for shingled, tile roofs. We also perform roof static uplift test TAS-105, TAS-106, Bell Chamber (TAS-124), Thermal Imaging etc. Various Services are performed and a Sealed and Signed report is prepared for the client.

We also perform structural roofing inspections for all shingle, metal & clay tile or concrete tile roofs as per Florida building code chapter 15. please call for our services.

Roof Engineers New Orleans Testing

EMA Roof Engineers inspectors performs detailed, professional visual inspections with state-of-the-art moisture detection devices and gives thorough explanations with digital pictures.


Florida Registered Professional Engineer
Mississippi Professional Engineers
Louisiana Professional Engineers
Special Inspectors Florida
SBCCI Building inspector.

TAS 105 – Fastener Withdrawal Resistance Testing
TAS 106 – Uplift Resistance Testing Tile Roof
TAS 109 – Polyurethane Foam Roofing (pending certification).
TAS 124 – Existing and New Roof Wind Uplift Resistance Testing.

roof engineers new orleans
Roof Engineers New Orleans performs roof damage inspections in lafayette, louisiana & Houston Texas.

Roof Engineers New Orleans INSPECTION PROCEDURES

The starting point of the Inspection should be the interior of the building. The interior walls and ceilings should be checked for signs of water staining. After inspecting the interior a thorough inspection of the exterior walls should be made along with the roof system.

The following roof components should be inspected:

Flashing: These are the protection for the membrane termination and often provide a waterproof cover at the membrane termination. These include Counter- flashing, expansion joint covers, copings and flashing at walls and curbs. A variety of problems may occur at these vulnerable locations.

Penetrations: These are pipes, drains, vents, stacks and other items that penetrate the roof membrane. These MUST be flashed properly to assure a watertight roof system.

Field Membrane – What to look for:

· Open seams excessive blisters, wrinkles, ridges or areas of non-adhered membrane.
· Worn spots holes or deteriorated areas of the membrane.
· Deteriorated, areas of surface coating on the membrane.
· Adequate, drainage and ponding problems of the membrane.
· Areas around rooftop equipment that may have been degraded by leaks or spills or punctured by dropped equipment parts.


Construction Inspections

Construction Inspections

EMA Engineers provide   construction inspections reporting to developers, contractors, architects:

We offer field observation reporting on structural engineering work-in-progress. Our reports include photographic and written daily reports depicting various construction activities.

We attend construction meetings, construction coordination meeting and post-construction review. We also provide detailed field observations reporting on a monthly basis prepared by structural engineers.

Our process of observation and reporting can include review daily construction activities. We check compliance with structural drawings for projects.

Building Construction Monitoring

EMA prepares and review construction inspections of contract documents, job specifications, change order details and review, and project final closeout documents.

EMA Field Observation Reporting & Construction Observation Activities
The architect’s responsibilities for observing construction and determining if the contractor is supporting the design intent fall into six categories:
construction observation, document clarification, submittal review.
payments to the contractor, certification of completion, and project closeout.
Observing Construction Inspections.
The architect is typically required by contract to keep the owner apprised of construction progress and quality. The owner relies on these reports to keep up with the progress and quality of the work, and a close owner architect relationship can result from this direct form of communication.
To document what the engineers has observed in the field and enable the delivery of this information to the client, the architect can use AIA Document G711™, Architect’s Field Report. As with all document types issued repeatedly during a project, each report should be dated and sequentially numbered
best forensic engineers ft. Lauderdale

Forensic Engineers Melbourne

Forensic Engineers Melbourne

Melbourne Forensic engineers Melbourne provides services in the case of a collapse or after major natural storms to our clients. EMA Engineers has expert engineers as Forensic Engineers and Building Damage Assessment.

Highly experienced structural forensic engineers with forensic engineering experience and engineering staff is available for investigation, diagnosis, assessment, and remediation advice covering, buildings and structures for damage of all types. We have experience in providing damage assessment and forensic engineers melbourneforensic inspections after major hurricanes including Andrew, Charlie, Katrina & Rita.

Melbourne Forensic Engineers Cocoa

Our forensic engineers are trusted by the architects, property owners, builders, insurers, and loss adjusters to establish the root cause of building and structural failures and to determine cost-effective remedial works by forensic engineers Houston and Corpus Christi, who provide damage assessment as well as root cause investigation and damages related to hurricanes, floods, and hail/wind.

  • Structural / Building Assessments, Inspections, and Investigations by engineers Houston after hurricanes, floods, and storms to building roofs, and exterior.
  • Investigation and damage assessment of all types of buildings and structures, retaining walls, pavements, water tanks, and swimming pools by Engineers Melbourne.
  • Expert Witness and Reporting service for legal proceedings and court hearings.
  • Building and Structural Defects and Damage Causation investigation and reporting.

Melbourne Structural Engineers

  • Engineers provide Cause of damage determination and repair specifications for the insurance industry.
  • Remediation advises and disaster assessment following fire, storm, earthquake, and flood events by forensic engineers Houston.
  • Pre-purchase building inspections for residential, commercial, and industrial properties using forensic engineers.
  • Preventative risk assessments.
  • Hurricane damage assessments
  • Wind damage inspections and assessments, forensic engineers Melbourne.
  • Building claddings wind damage
  • Roof damage assessments by forensic engineers.
  • hurricane damage assessments in Austin, Corpus Christi, Houston.
  • Building maintenance appraisals and recommendations.
  • Dilapidation surveys prior/post-construction.
  • Building movement and underpinning.
  • Infrastructure damage and emergency management plans (buildings, bridges, and other structures).
  • Hurricane building damage inspections, providing structural and building advice to property owners.

Forensic Engineers Methods

There are many examples of forensic methods used to investigate accidents and disasters, and one of the earliest in the modern period being the fall of the Dee bridge at Chester, England. It was built using cast iron girders, where each of which was made of three very large castings dovetailed together. Each girder was strengthened by wrought iron bars along the length.

Duties of Forensic Engineers COCOA

Although strong in compression, cast iron was known to be brittle in tension or bending. On the day of the accident, the bridge deck was covered with track ballast to prevent the oak beams supporting the track from catching fire, imposing a heavy extra load on the girders supporting the bridge and probably exacerbating the accident. Stephenson took this precaution because of a recent fire on the Great Western Railway at Uxbridge, London, where Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s bridge caught fire and collapsed.

From blasting damage to sinkholes, vehicular impact to design defects, swimming pool damage to floor deflection, our team of seasoned forensic engineers is uniquely qualified to evaluate and diagnose structural issues. Don’t settle for the best guess opinion—get a clear and defensible opinion from EMA forensic engineers.

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