Structural Forensic Engineers 40 year structural certification in Broward, Palm Beach, Daytona, Tampa, Clearwater, and provide forensic engineering inspections, hurricane damage inspections, roof wind damage inspections, flood damage, building damage residential & commercial in Florida, Louisiana & Texas

EMA Professional Engineers Florida

EMA Professional Engineers Florida

EMA Professional Engineers Florida strives to provide effective, creative and compliant services and solutions for its clients.

Once we take on a project, we will complete that project based on our understanding of the scope of work. We observe and comply with all code requirements. We value people and human life first. This mindset coupled with the execution of proven processes results in superior product and service offerings.

When we work with contractors, inventors or manufacturers we ask them how they would like to solve the problem based on their means and methods and understanding of the problem. You tell us your ideas and we tell you how we can make it happen. The customer then provides EMA professional engineers Florida with schematic drawings or sketches so that we can proceed in a manner that is consistent with their ability to construct the building or improve their device or product in Tampa, Orlando & Daytona

When we initiate a project we set realistic expectations for our clients on deliverables. It is imperative that we do exactly what we tell our clients we will do. This is accomplished through clear and ongoing communication. It also very important to be upfront and honest with our clients when an idea needs improved upon or changed in order to improve the final product.

Our highly professional in-house Project Coordinators and Sales Staff strive to provide the best customer service experience by answering every phone call and providing accurate information, feedback and direction to help you accomplish your project goals.

We get calls from customers every day who just want a “stamp”. We turn that work away because being a licensed engineer means more than just having the skill and authority to approve projects. It requires the integrity to protect life and safety first. This company wide conviction and belief system has allowed EMA Professional engineers Florida to create a national reputation for providing the highest quality services.

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Roof Inspections Houston, Galveston, Corpus Christi.

Fort Lauderdale Roof Inspections

fort lauderdale roof inspections

Fort Lauderdale Roof Inspections are recognized by the roofing industry as a vital component of successful protective covering & Construction Management. Many vital areas of installation are not visible for inspection upon completion and many times are already covered over before periodic roof inspections can be made by engineers and inspectors.

Miami roof inspections are Full-time Inspections done by licensed engineers in Fort Lauderdale and roof inspections in Miami & Quality Control inspections provide a set of ‘eyes’ during all phases of the installation. Critical areas such as fastening patterns of underlying insulation, mopping techniques, or glue application, and drying times can be monitored for compliance with the contract documents and manufacturer’s standards when doing roof inspections in coastal areas including Miami, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Clearwater and Jacksonville as well as inTexas including Houston, Austin, and surrounding areas.

Fort Lauderdale Roof Inspections 

Our Fort Lauderdale inspection engineers have extensive experience to observe all phases of a roof installation to ensure materials are in compliance with project documents. Prior to the start of work, our inspectors are provided specifications, drawings, shop drawings, and submittal. The inspector’s attendance at the Pre-Job Conference to provide inspections corpus Christi with respective contractual parties allows a thorough understanding of the system installation, set-up areas, and anticipated internal disruptions. The inspector generates daily Structural Fort Lauderdale Inspections which delineates material and installation compliance, and documents any unforeseen contingent items to the contract. Non-compliance issues are immediately addressed with the roofing contractor, design professional or building owner to ensure proper installation of the specified roofing assembly. We provide inspections in Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Miami, New Orleans, Corpus Christi, Houston, Austin, Beaumont, and Lake Charles.

Rooftop Units and Penetrations during Fort Lauderdale roof inspections.

Rooftop penetrations can include any vents, hatches, stacks, skylights, and HVAC equipment penetrations on your roof. Again, you will need to determine the specific order of which penetrations you will inspect first, or your path across the rooftop.

While inspecting these, ensure that any condensation from HVAC units is moving to drains properly. Check all rain caps on stacks to ensure they still keep the weather out of the stacks. You should check all seams in roof units to ensure they are watertight, and then check the area surrounding rooftop penetrations to make sure there hasn’t been any damage to the roof surface during installation or repairs.

Surface Area of the Roof

This is the simplest part of the roof inspection but is still extremely important in preserving the life of the roof. As you are walking the roof, you will be in a constant state of inspecting the surface area or field of the roof. Check for any physical damage from tools, heavy objects, hail, vandalism, or excessive foot traffic. Our engineers will be able to easily identify these damages in the roof surface because you are walking right over the top of them. If your roof is sprayed with polyurethane foam or has a coating on it, check for blisters or separation between the roof layers while you walk.

Flashings, Edges, Terminations, and Expansion and Control Joints

Our engineers walk around the edge of your roofing system, check for any cracks or split at roof terminations and edges. This is often a highly vulnerable part and problems are likely to be found here. If you have expansion joints or metal flashing, be sure to examine those and determine whether or not they are performing as expecting. Any masonry walls should be inspected to identify areas of moisture penetration or wall deterioration if any.

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