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Wind, fire, floods and sinkholes are leading causes of building damages. Roof connectors, building fire damage assessments, building lateral load resistance, building structural integrity, foundation and soil conditions are critical key parameters during the damage assessment phase. Building damage assessment should not be confused with inspection.

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Forensic engineer are responsible for determining the causes of failure and providing expert testimony on how to fix an existing structural problem. The duties of forensic engineers can be divided into two parts: investigation and engineering. We perform hurricane damage inspections, cause & origin investigation, roof damage assessments, building damage & collapse inspections.

40 Year Structural Inspections

EMA engineers | 40 year structural inspection Daytona, 40 Year Structural Inspections Clearwater and Florida. We diligently provide 40 or 50 year structrual inspections and certification by licensed P.E in Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, St. Augustine, Orlando, Clearwater, Tampa & Miami.

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40 Year Structural Inspections of Buildings

Fun Fact: 40 Year Structural Inspections. When a building in Miami-Dade or Broward county celebrates its 40th birthday, it must be recertified by an engineer or architect to ensure its structural and electrical safety (after the 40-year mark, buildings must also be recertified every ten years thereafter).

What Types of Buildings Are Included?

In Miami-Dade County, 40 year structural inspections apply to all buildings except for single-family homes, duplexes, and buildings that have an occupant load of 10 or less and 2,000 square feet or less.

In Broward County, it applies to all buildings except single-family homes, duplexes, those less than 3,500 square feet, and U.S. government or Florida state government buildings that are built on Indian reservations.

40 Year Structural Inspections. How Does Recertification Work?

When a building becomes forty years old, county or city code compliance officials send a Notice of Required Inspection to the property owner. Recertification dates are based on the anniversary of the original Building or Structure’s Certificate of Occupancy.

Property owners have 90 days from the date of notification to have the property properly inspected. The outcome of the inspection will determine if the property will be recertified for another 10 years or if improvements need to be made before the recertification is granted. If repairs or improvements are needed, owners are given another 60 days to complete them.

Non-compliance with the inspection notice or not completing required repairs can result in penalties.

40 Year Structural Inspections. What Do Inspections Include?

Inspections must be performed by licensed architects or engineers. These experts look at many aspects of the buildings foundational and electrical systems, including foundation, roofing systems, masonry bearing walls, steel frames, flooring, concrete framing systems, windows, wood framing, loading, electrical service, branch circuits, conduit raceways, and emergency lighting.

What If I Do Not Receive a Notice for Inspection?

In some cases, owners of property that is 40 or more years old do not receive a Notice of Required Inspection. However, property owners are still responsible for obtaining the recertification. They are also responsible for having the building recertified every 10 yeas following the initial recertification. If buildings are not recertified, owners can be liable if an accident or other incident occurs at the site.

Do you know someone that owns a building that is coming up on its 40th birthday? Have you received a letter from your municipality that is requesting a 40-year recertification? If so, we can complete the inspection and provide a thorough report for your building. Please share this information with your friends and family.