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Structural Roof Inspections is recognized by the roofing industry as a vital component of successful Roof Structural Roof Inspections firm. Many vital areas of a roof installation are not visible for inspection upon completion and many times are already covered over before periodic site inspections can be made.Full-time Quality Control Inspection provides a set of ‘eyes’ during all phases of the installation. Critical areas such as fastening patterns of underlying insulation, mopping techniques, or glue application and drying times can be monitored for compliance with the contract documents and manufacturer’s standards by roof inspections Florida.

Count On EMA and Our Trained Structural Roof Inspections

EMA’s roof inspections have extensive experience  to observe all phases of a roof installation to ensure materials are in compliance with project documents. Prior to the start of work, our inspectors are provided specifications, drawings, shop drawings and submittals. The inspector’s attendance at the Prejob Conference with respective contractual parties allows a thorough understanding of the system installation, set-up areas and anticipated internal disruptions. The inspector generates Structural Roof Inspection Reports which delineates material and installation compliance, and documents any unforeseen contingent items to the contract. Non-compliance issues are immediately addressed with the roofing contractor, design professional or building owner to ensure proper installation of the specified roofing assembly.

Structural Roof Inspections

our engineers performing the structural roof inspections for shingled, tiled and flat roofs as a result of high winds, hurricane and storms & roof re-installations. The shingles and tiles are inspected for damages and type of damages either caused by mechanical means or due to a hurricane, storm, high winds and/or hail. For hail and wind damage, the roof surface is checked for puncture and tears in shingles asphalt mat as well as broken or damaged tiles at roof ridges, rakes and high point. Shingles are checked for bond breakage, nail pops, tear downs and puncture. The evidence is then cross referenced with weather data and other factors and an engineering report is thus prepared and submitted to our clients.

Then the granules can detach from the shingles. EMA check in the gutters and at the end of the downspouts for asphalt granule deposits during the roof inspections Corpus Christi. Inspect the roof for spots that look bare where all the granules have detached and been washed away. Also inspect for missing, torn or warped shingles. When the edges or corners of shingles are rising or curling, they have outlived their usefulness and will need replacing. Also look for indentations or punctures from hail damage. While homeowner’s insurance usually covers damage from hail, if the property has been vacant or a previous homeowner collected insurance money and did not have the roof replaced or repaired, you could be paying either for repairs or a new roof. In some areas placing a new layer of shingles over the old is allowed by code. There is usually a limit as to how many times this can be done such as 3. So if a property needs a new roof and you can simply place a new layer of shingles over the old you save a lot of money. But a roof that needs replacing and has reached the legal number of shingle layers will require a tear off and all old layers of roofing will need to be removed. This can be far more costly than simply adding shingles so knowing how many layers are on the roof and the legal limitations can be valuable. You can commonly determine how many layers are present by examining the edge of the roof.

Metal Roof Structural Inspections

Metal roofs are commonly steel, copper, aluminum, or galvanized iron. Most metal roofs have a life expectancy of about 50 years. Perforations, pits, rust, or corrosion can help determine the age of the roof. EMA engineers Check the seams, corners, and joints for loose, dried out, or peeling caulk or other seam material during roof inspections Corpus Christi.